History of Terrell State Mental Hospital

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Agency and Role Paper By: Teresa Luna University of Phoenix June 14, 2010 Ms. Becky Brown Introduction There are many governmental agencies within the healthcare system. One of most interesting and heart-wrenching agencies is a local governmental agency called Terrell State Mental Hospital. This agency is well known in the state of Texas for its carefree healthcare. They have a longstanding relationship with the families of its patients and are a major contributor to the city of Terrell’s financial windfall. They produce over ten million a year for the city of Terrell, which allows this city to take care of its mental inpatients and make sure they have the best treatment possible. History of Terrell State Mental Hospital…show more content…
Contributions also come from families of the inpatients. The voluntary contributions in this city are amazing. They really know how to make this city shine. It’s like a true Texan to show their winning attitudes by giving back to the economy and being generous with their money. Programs Available This hospital is operated under the direction of the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. They offer their services to people within a twenty-two county, 14,622 square mile area including Bowie, Dallas, and Kaufman Counties. According to the Chamber of Commerce (2009), their services are offered to children 6 to 12 years of age, adolescence ages 12 to 18 and adults. Programs include acute care, an intensive behavioral program, medical services, forensic care for inmates of state correctional institutions intermediate care, a cottage program for adult life skills and a research center. Local Agencies vs. National and State Agencies The three of these agencies have different aspects of treatment for disease. The national and state agencies usually focus on locating and making the public aware of possible outbreaks such as a rising number of cases of encephalitis. They announce to the public where and when to stay tuned for information on what is the next step for information on what is the next step or what they need to do to obtain an immunization or where

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