History of The Kindom of Cambodia Essay

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A consecutive three years (1975-1978) history remarked how Kingdom of Cambodia doing today. As international world put concerns just after genocide stopped rather than taking any factual actions toward Pol Pot’s regime which exhausted people of Kingdom of Cambodia for that consecutive three years, every international dissents are not an absolute true voices to determine what was exactly happen during that three years. With a blink of an eye, alliances formed during those dramatic years – Vietnam which driven by aid from Soviet rejected People’s Republic of China offers to aid them and Cambodia which has a closer knot to People’s Republic of China had alike vision on transforming Cambodia community into agrarian society in Pol Pot’s regime. Escalating tensions of Vietnam and Cambodia rose when Khmer Rouge kept infiltrating borders of Vietnam and killing people who live on that borders without mercy. Alarmed by the possibility of Vietnam’s domination in Indochina, Kingdom of Cambodia in Pol Pot’s regime believed to trigger a war in order to galvanize people of Cambodia and simultaneously achieving legitimacy from Cambodian people toward Pol Pot’s regime which in latter turned out that Cambodian people welcomed Vietnam troops to stop Khmer Rouge haphazard actions in last three years.

Whacked by Khmer Rouge intention to reform Cambodian people into traditional agrarian based, Kingdom of Cambodia believes Vietnam invasion that being seen as an unauthorized measure by…