History of The Mustang II Essay

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More than 22,000 Mustangs were ordered on April 17, 1964 when it was first released by Ford. Show rooms were visited by more than four million people and there were over 2,600 ads in newspapers. In 1974, the Mustang II began. Buyers loved it since it was smaller and had a weaker engine. This would use less fuel during the fuel crisis. Sales had tripled since the year before. It also was easier to drive because of its rack-and-pinion steering. In 1978 Mustang added many fashion features that would appeal to female buyers. The rear seat was divided into two seats even though it had been a single seat in the years before. Along with many new colors there were also pockets in the door handles, illuminated driver vanity mirrors, and "Fresno Cloth" seat inserts. In 1994, Ford released a redesigned Mustang. It had a lot of power and Ford brought back the grill. The 1994 Mustang convertible sold 123,198 cars. In 2008 Ford Mustang was the last pony car remaining on the road. Mustang is still one of the greatest success in sales in automotive history and is America's best selling convertible.
The Chevrolet Chevelle SSs' earliest engine in 1964 didn't perform as well as the later models. It had a 327 V8 engine which wasn't even close to as powerful as the later models. After a slow start, the 1965 Chevelle became a real muscle car. The car now had a lot more power since it had a 396 V8 engine, also known as the Z-16 package. Along with a better engine the Chevelle also had front and…