History of The Super Bowl Essay

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The impact of the Super bowl has been a phenomenon. In fact, since January 1967 “it has become part of the American culture, which illustrates that it has become the single-most important event in the sporting world currently” (Johnson, Savidge, pp. 83). The Super bowl had quite humble origins, which is why it is shocking to understand as to why this game became vastly popular and remains that way. In fact, one would notice that it is a county fair, a weeklong convention along with an unofficial national holiday with the right game for the television. Therefore, the name of the game is no exaggeration. One can also notice the economic trends and success of the Super Bowl. The economic footprints of this particular game are actually more …show more content…
Therefore, before addressing the history of the Super Bowl and the reasons for it becoming such a mega-scale event, it is important to discuss the National Football League.
Importance of Football
These are the “not-so-obvious reasons” that make Super Bowl such a popular game, and such an important cultural event. According to McBride (1995), football is able to show violence, blood, groans and grunts in the right way, since there is no ‘actual’ death. Therefore, war and commerce both find their rationalized version through the ritualistic performance of Football, more specifically Super Bowl in this context. It affirms to the identity of American men that they are real men, who are able to enjoy power and violence and they are not weak. The symbolization of the phallic aggression of war and destruction becomes possible through football (Langman, pp. 75).
History about National Football League
Without any doubts, the National Football League is considered to be the most popular sports league within the United States. It has a huge amount of prominence on the global sporting landscape. NFL has been able to build Super Bowl into this dynamic event that we see today (Coombs, pp. 93). The League was formed in 1920 and it was only after WWII that it was able to gradually gain the kind of prominence that it has today. It had to