History of Valve Software Essay

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The History of Valve Software The story of Valve Software is a story of two men with a dream. Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington joined with Microsoft in the early days of the company designing the earliest Windows operating systems, and after thirteen years with them had become what were known as “Microsoft Millionaires.” Both men enjoyed playing video games and inspired by a friend who left Microsoft to join game development studio ID Software, they decided to leave their lucrative positions at Microsoft to start their own dream company, the company they had always wanted to work for. The two men who had only had experience creating operating system software set out to create what would become one of the most successful and respected…show more content…
The first game Valve began development of was called Half-Life, a first person action shooter with a science fiction theme. However, development did not go as well as was hoped. Valve had trouble finding a publisher to distribute their games. Considering they were just a couple of guys chasing a dream, publishers were not willing to take the risk on a fledgling developer. Fortunately for Valve, publisher Sierra Online was shopping around for a first person action game and was impressed with the team at Valve. They signed on with Valve to a one game deal. With a publisher willing to distribute their games, Valve was ready to reveal their game at the largest gaming convention in the world, The Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) in 1997. The showing of Half-Life was a big success among gaming fans and critics alike. The buzz generated at the show almost guaranteed the success of the product. However, by November of 1997, the deadline was quickly approaching and the team at Valve was not satisfied with the product they had created. In their year of work on Half-Life they had learned so much that had not been implemented into the game. Newell and Harrington took a huge risk by deciding it would be best to scrap almost their entire year’s worth of work to go back and implement many of the new things they had learned. Their publisher, Sierra, was furious and this nearly ended the partnership between them. Newell and Harrington dug deep into their own
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