History of Washington Redskins and Its Name Essay

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History of Organization and Name

Originally named the Boston Braves, the Washington Redskins remain known for their legacy and team history. Under the ownership of George Person Marshall, Vincent Bendix, Jay O’Brien and Dorland Dolye, the Boston Braves were born as part of the NFL franchise in 1932. Shortly after in 1933, they renamed the Boston Redskins, followed by another name change when they reestablished in Washington D.C as the Washington Redskins in 1937; and made the Griffith Stadium their new home.
Over the decades, the professional football team obtained a number of NFL championship titles such as their Super Bowl victories in 1983, 1988, and 1992. The Redskins became highly recognized and attracted a new fan base throughout …show more content…

The Redskins name symbolizes the organizations past, present and future. Coaches, players, and dedicated fans are concerned that the franchise will lose the support of the community and funding if a campaign to change the Redskins name is not implemented.

Marketing Plan

With the recent uproar and political involvement with the name controversy, as an organization we have developed a marketing campaign to involve our elite fan base with changing the Washington Redskins’ name, to one that is well accepted within the community. Since the organization is enriched with history and traditions, we developed a strategic campaign that stays true to the Redskins’ values. Our plan is to keep the Redskins’ brand as consistent as possible, while assuring the uniformity of the brand by keeping the current logo and the same color scheme. We will ensure that the experience fans get when they come to watch the team play is the same or better than before.

To guarantee a successful transition throughout the campaign we have brainstormed strategic objectives to create a smooth process to sustain our influential fan base.
• Launch promotion the day after Super Bowl XLVIII on February 3, 2014- We chose this date due to the popularity of the NFL at this time. The Super Bowl is a well-marketed event that causes buzz post the Super Bowl. Capitalizing on a time where fans completely invest in the sport will have a positive effect on the

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