History of the 82nd Airborne Division of the US Air Force

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Although the 82nd Airborne was organized in 1917 during America's involvement in the First World War it was during the Second World War that the unit gained its reputation. Its distinctive name was garnered from the fact that members of the division originated from communities throughout the entire country so the term "All American" was utilized and explains the presence of the distinctive "AA" on the division's shoulder patch. The division saw limited involvement during the First World War as it saw service in only three battles but one of the most famous characters emerging from the War, Sergeant York, was a member of the 82nd Airborne. Sergeant York was honored with the Medal of Honor for his efforts in single-handily killing a number of Germans and capturing over a hundred of other German soldiers during the Meuse-Argonne offensive (Pushies). Following the end of the First World War, the division, consistent with the nation's intent to withdraw from international affairs, was disbanded but as the United States began to prepare for entry into the Second World War the unit was reactivated. This time, however, the activities of the division were altered from being a routine infantry unit into the country's first army division dedicated to airborne activities and its name was changed from being the 82nd Division to its present designation as the 82nd Airborne. As an airborne unit, the 82nd was at the forefront in battles in Sicily, Salerno, Normandy and Holland where its

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