History of the Allied Health Care Professions

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HISTORY OF THE ALLIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONS Many forces have shaped allied health care in the United States. Institutions such as hospitals and the government have been and will continue to have primary roles in the evolution of allied health care. As the allied health care system advanced in form and complexity, so did the growth in personnel and tasks. Prior to the 1900s there were three recognized allied health professions: the doctor, the dentist, and the nurse. Therefore your selection of a career in allied health care was very limited. Today there are over two hundred recognized allied health professions, with on the job training as short as several weeks, to some professions that have up to eight to twelve years of formal…show more content…
Prolonging life is really a quality of life issue with the health department providing services to make a person's life more comfortable: Examples are meals on wheels, visiting nurse, etc. Promoting a healthy environment means monitoring the places we live, play and eat to make sure they are not a source of health problems. Through an organized community effort means, we provide taxes monies to provide these services. Historically, public health has existed to take care of that issue beyond the scope of the individual. Public health existed in some ancient societies such as the Inca Indians and Romans. Years ago the health department's main goal was to control epidemics that came through and devastated society. Public health was mainly a policing profession and quarantine regulations were the typical controlling methods. A second major function of the health department was to monitor the water supply, which was a major source of these diseases that affected whole community. Thirdly the health department provided care for the indigent patient. This factor makes many of us believe that the health department is for those who can't afford regular allied allied health care. The health department is there to serve all of us, but charges each person on his or her ability to
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