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The Chicago Bulls, they have gone through many stages of success, including six championships with Michael Jordon’s Bulls. Michael Jordan in fact is the reason why most people know about the Bulls. The Bulls though do run deeper than just Michael Jordan, because before Jordan came to the Bulls the Bulls had to come to the NBA. The Chicago Bulls are one of the most memorable and historic professional basketball teams in history. The Bulls joined the National Basketball Association in 1965. Before this the Bulls had been known as the Chicago stags, the stags had been one of the best teams in the Business Basketball Association since 1946 and even played one season in the NBA before they folded and started over as the present day Chicago…show more content…
After this promising start though the Bulls would so begin to falter (Chicago History). At the start of the Bulls second season things looked grim for the team. They had traded their star player Guy Rodgers for Flynn Robinson and two future draft picks. This proved to be a fatal flaw as the Bulls only went a mere 29-53 in the regular season. Still this was barely enough to get into the playoffs where they were destroyed by the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round. After this dreary season the Bulls lost Jerry Colangelo, from their front office and he took Jonny Kerr, the Bulls head coach with him. This however, gave them the chance to hire the unlikely choice of Dick Motta (Chicago History). Motta was in some ways a godsend to the Bulls because of the way he helped the Bulls turn the corner in the early 1970’s. He brought a tough defensive mind to the table and this translated directly into the Bulls tough defensive play. Motta was also helped out when the Bulls drafted rookie Tom Boerwinkle, a seven foot center that would turn out to be a star. The Bulls also traded Robinson to Milwaukee for Bob Love, an NBA legend. That same year the Bulls acquired Bob Weiss and Jerry Sloan, all this added up to a very competitive club. This Bulls team in fact was the best rebounding squad the Bulls ever put on the floor with a total of 4,550 total rebound in

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