History of the City: Island Garden City of Samal

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. Historical Background
IGaCoS being located in Davao Gulf , separated from mainland Mindanao by a body of water is accessible via a 15 minute motorboat ride to Babak port from km. ll , Sasa, Davao City , and a 45 minute ride to Peñaplata and Kaputian ports from Sta. Ana wharf, Davao City or board similar transports. Ferryboats also service motor vehicles between Barangay Caliclic and Km. 11.The nearest distance from the island city to Davao city is between Barangay Caliclic and km. 10 Sasa, being only 900 meters apart. In Geographical terms, IGaCos is located between latitude 6º 54’00” and 7º 11’28” north, and between longitude 125º 39’30” and 125º 47’28” east.

Samal is a 2nd class city in the province of Davao del Norte,
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Barter system was their traditional economic enterprise.
The coming of the Christian from the different Provinces of Luzon and Visayas and from the other parts of Mindanao, introduced improvised methods of farming and fishing. More arable lands were acquired and cultivated.
More developments and settlements happened, population continue to grow as years passed by until the time that Samal Island was tapped as one of the government tourism zones.
Samal Island is one of the seven thousand tropical islands in the Philippines with a larger number of glorious beaches complete with soft white coral sand, rustling coconut palms and gently lapping turquoise water. A number of natural waterways and caves are strategically located within the island.
Creation of the City
When Samal Islands were created into three municipalities, it was perceived that its development would be mobilized being located proximately to the progressive metropolis of Davao and nearby growth centers in Davao Del Norte and Davao del Sur. Yet, after the past decades since its creation as municipalities in 1948 and as three district municipalities in 1953 and 1966 its development lagged far behind from its neighboring local government units. Hence in 1996 the high ranking officials of Davao

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