Essay on History of the Cuban Revolution

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In cuban history there was many dictatorships. But, Fulgencio Batista lead to rise of communism in Cuba and Fidel Castro. Foreign involvement from United States to control Cuba as economical ally, also Bastia treatment mistreatment towards foreigners from Haitian and Jamaican. The Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro use of guerrilla warfare and the peasant population of Cuba lead to successful revolution. The United States felt threatened about Cuban being 90 miles from florida spifly during Cuban Missile Crisis . So, many United states presidents tried to kicked Fidel Castro but failed multiple times.First, even though Fulgencio Batista starred in beginning as leader that benefited Cuban people, over time he became corrupted leader that lead to his downfall.
“In September 1933 he organized the “sergeants’ revolt”; it toppled the provisional regime of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, which had replaced the dictatorial regime of Gerardo Machado y Morales” (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica 1).”Carlos Prío Socarrás in March 1952, was widely welcomed. But he returned as a brutal dictator, controlling the university, the press, and the Congress, and he embezzled huge sums from the soaring economy. In 1954 and ’58 the country held presidential elections that, though purportedly “free,” were manipulated to make Batista the sole candidate”(The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica 1).“Faced with the collapse of his regime and with the growing discontent of his…