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Clint Murchison, Jr. and Bedford Wynne were awarded a National Football League (NFL) expansion franchise on January 28, 1960, located in Dallas, TX. At the annual meeting, they purchased the team for $600,000 (Bohls 1). They were given the status of a “swing team” meaning that they would play every other team in the league their first season of play. They were displaced in the Western Division Standings. Murchison’s and Wynne’s next moved was to high their front office personnel which were: Tex Schramm (General Manager), Gil Brandt (Director of Player Personnel), and Tom Landry as Head Coach. In the beginning there were called the Dallas Steers, then after a couple of weeks the name was changed and there were called the Dallas Rangers. …show more content…
In 1966, a tradition was born as the first Thanksgiving Day was played, with is a ritual now that the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving (Dallas Cowboys 3). The first game was played and won against the Cleveland Browns (26-14). This win put Dallas in the driver’s seat for playoff positioning for the first time in franchise history. Dallas went on to finish the year with a record of 10-3-1, the Eastern Conference Championship, and first post-season action. They would eventually lose in the Playoff Bowl on January 9, 1967 to the Baltimore Colts (Fleming 1).

In 1967, they Cowboys put together back-to-back winning seasons, and earned the Capitol Division title (Fleming 1). This season the Cowboys won their first playoff game, but eventually lost to the Green Bay Packers. The Packers won the NFL title game with a score of 21-17, which is now classically known as the “Ice Bowl” (Prinalgin 1).

The next couple of season ended in disappointment as the Cowboys made the playoffs but were embarrassed in 1968 and 1969. There was a shining light in 1969 when quarterback Roger Staubach returned from his military assignment--he had been drafted in 1964. The quarterback initially had to split playing time with the incumbent quarterback Craig Morton (Fleming 2).

In 1970, the Dallas Cowboys started off the season sluggish, with a record of 5-4 midway through the season. The Cowboys won the final five games, won the NFC East title and

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