History of the Death Penalty

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(A) - Early Forms of the Death Penalty Ancient China - First established death penalty laws 18th century BCE - Code of king Hammurabi of Babylon - Earliest form of unified system of justice. Death penalty for 25 crimes, including an “eye for an Eye” 16th century BCE - Egypt - first historically recorded death sentence (a man was accused of using magic) 14th century BCE - Hittite code - also prescribed the death penalty 621 BCE - Draconian code of Athens - ‘the death penalty applied for a particularly wide range of crimes”. 5th century BCE - Roman law of the twelve tables includes the death penalty 3rd century BCE - Jews recorded as using four death penalty methods including: Stoning, Hanging,…show more content…
There is even a holiday to commemorate this day, called ‘Cities for Life Day’. It is celebrated in 300 cities worldwide. September 5, 1793 - July 28, 1794 - The Reign of Terror - Under the rule of Maximilian Robespierre, an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 people were executed by the guillotine. These people were suspected of being “enemies of the [French] revolution” 1833-1849 - U.S. executions - Due to excessive and uncontrollable spectators at public hangings, many states enact laws providing private hangings. March 1, 1847 - “In the United States, Michigan was the first state to ban the death penalty”. “The 160-year ban on capital punishment has never been repealed” 1849 - Roman Republic bans the capital punishment 1863 - Venezuela abolishes death penalty 1867 - Portugal abolishes death penalty 1890 - Murderer William Kemmler becomes first person executed by the electric chair, at New York’s Auburn Prison. 1900’s - “Beginning of the ‘progressive period’ of reform in the united states 1905 - China abolishes death penalty 1924 - “The use of Cyanide gas introduced as an execution”. 1921 - Attempting to slow banditry, Afghanistan enforced their laws with harsh forms of capital punishment. Thieves would be imprisoned in suspended cages and left

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