History of the Death Penalty

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Beheading? Firing Squad? Hanging? Falling from a height? All forms of the death penalty. Not only do they have the death penalty in America but also in other places like Britain, Saudi Arabia, Iran and many other places. The first death penalty laws go way back to the eighteenth century, in Babylon. In the tenth century hanging was the major execution style, later in this century William the Conqueror did not allow people to be hanged for any reason unless in times of war, that didn’t last. The American system of capital punishment comes from the British law. In America it mainly started in the ancient western. They encouraged people to seek retribution by killing their offenders; they also started listing what crimes would be reasons to use the death penalty. Around the 17th century government leaders realized crimes harm society and became more involved in controlling and punishing crimes. Laws focused more on keeping peace in society than serving justice. In the ancient Greco-Roman time, the prime reason for execution was to punish those who attacked the religion of the state. Throughout this era, punishment was violent and often means of inflicting torture along with death. During the middle ages it became very important to justify punishing and convicted criminals by making sure they were guilty. The usual methods of determining guilt or innocence at the time were trial by battle, the ordeal and compurgation. Trial by battle pitted the offender and the victim,
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