Essay about History of the Development of Computers

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In this world the development is consider to be the most important factor because human beings tends to invent and create new things so that they can compete with each other in their own field of work . Moreover, the people whom chooses their field which is relevant to computer appliances in their daily life also thinks the same and the develop the improvement of the computer from time to time until the computer technology reaches the development that we does not imagine before. When we think about the modern society the first thing ever hit up our mind is the technology of the computer , so we cant deny that the important of development of computer is very important to the growth of the modern society and country’s business economy. In most condition people tends to think and say that many works could not be done and impossible without the presence of the computer and things would not be easy as we are doing now. According to the definition in the dictionary, it define a computer as an electronic device for a huge amount of data storage and process the data which is stored, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable kind of program. According to the world history the development of the computer is recorded to be increase from first century to fifth century drastically. During first century era, and the year was recorded in the year 1946, the first computer ever made by humankind is named ENIAC ( Electronic Numerical Integrator…

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