History of the Electoral College Essay

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History of the Electoral College The Electoral College is the name for the electors who nominally choose the president and vice president of the United States. Each of the states receives a certain number of electors, which is determined by the total number of senators and representatives it sends to the U.S. Congress. Therefore, each state has at least 3 electors. The Electoral College was devised by the Framers of the Constitution as a procedure to elect the president by the people, at least indirectly. The framers came up with this procedure for many reasons. Such reasons included the lack of information to make a good choice by the people and it was also a way to control the power of the people. Although the Electoral…show more content…
Another idea was to have the State legislature choose the president. However, this idea was also rejected for similar reasons. A third idea that was taken under consideration was a procedure that involved the election of the president by a direct popular vote. This idea was rejected because the members of the convention felt that the people did not have enough information about candidates outside their state. Therefore, they would choose for the most popular person in their state and no candidate would ever receive a majority of votes enough to become president. After rejecting all ideas, the convention finally decided on a method of indirect election of the president through the Electoral College. After choosing the Electoral College as the method of selecting the president, the Framers described it in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. In this new procedure, the process of choosing the electors was left to the states, in order eliminate the States suspicion of the federal government and members of Congress and employees of the government were not allowed to serve as Electors. In order to prevent bribery and secret dealings, Electors from each state were required to meet in their own states rather than all together in one large meeting. Also, the Framers tried to prevent the
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