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The early 1900’s gave rise to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Founded in appalling times filled with tension, the FBI would slowly transform American law to apprehend the nation’s most notorious criminals, and become one of the vital agencies that protect American sovereignty. Influenced by the Progressive Movement and the belief that the federal government’s intervention was required to alleviate injustices in a dark society of corruption where a war between capital and labor raged, President Roosevelt signed Attorney General Charles Bonaparte an unnamed squad of special agents. The squad grew slowly, with its agents poorly trained, mismanaged, undisciplined, and mainly experienced in accounting and the civil rights fields. This…show more content…
World War I and the passage of the Espionage, Sedition, and Sabotage acts gave the Bureau national security work in policing possible issues that target to harm the nation, as did the Palmer Raids- the time of hysteria where Americans were anxious over anarchists belonging to the Bolshevik regiment- provided experience to the Bureau in investigating terrorism. At this point the Bureau was already starting to get organized under the Director John Edgar Hoover, who would soon make the agency a vital part of the national government in his 40 years of directing. (FBI GoV HIS) Hoover quickly transformed the FBI, and made the system highly professional. Prior to him directing, many agents had limited training and were undisciplined, knowledge in law was sufficient to become hired as an agent. Despite this, many agents were subject to corruption due to low pay and because times were hard during the 1920’s- the post war recession, and the rising prohibition era would create an increase in robberies, auto theft, and drug trafficking. However, Hoover was quick and thorough. He weeded out incompetent “political hacks” and laid out a strict code of conduct for agents to follow and formed the contemporary foundation of the federal agency. The hiring process now consisted of interviews, background checks, and a 2 month training program that included physical fitness, defensive tactics, shooting, and further instruction on investigation. Hoover also established the finger print

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