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Aviation Legislation Term Paper

The Federal Aviation Act of 1958

ASCI 254 12/09/14

It has always been the dream of mankind wanting to join the birds in the sky, many innovators created various contraptions to achieve flight. On December 17, 1903, two brothers by the name of Wilbur and Orville Wright decided to test their contraption and it was successful. This event changed the course of aviation as the contraption known as Flyer 1 became the first successful powered heavier-than-air flight.
During the course of World War I, airplanes proved to be a useful tool for the military. With the introduction of airmail planes were now utilized for commercial purposes. The Air Mail Act of 1925 gave birth to the airlines and passenger
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A total of 128 people died and was the first crash to have more than 100 deaths. To better understand what happened, it is helpful to look at how ATC had done things at the time. ATC had only provided separation to aircrafts under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and not aircrafts under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Also the separation of aircraft was limited to “controlled” airspace. (Lawrence, pg186) Although both planes took off with an IFR flight plan, when they leave the controlled airspace they must not use the “see and avoid” technique which is still a common practice today. Both aircrafts were in an area of clear weather with little build up and in uncontrolled airspace. This means that they were to apply the see and avoid technique, neither did. The Crash Investigation panel suggested that the towering cumulus might have obscured the aircraft from each other. (Lawrence, pg187)
There still was the problem of the military and civilians using the airspace under different sets of rules. In 1957, a DC-7 with a crew of four and no passengers had a mid-air collision with an Air Force F-89 with a crew of two. Both airplanes were on test flights. The tragedy was actually when the airplanes collided; the debris fell onto the occupied school ground of Pacoima Junior High. Three boys were killed and 71 injured. It took two more midair collision between a military jet and a commercial
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