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What we know today as the Internet began as a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project in 1969, which was designed to connect several research databases across the country. However, until the end of 1991, the advances were almost completely technical, as the goals set by those responsible in its growth were beyond what the hardware was capable of providing. In 1988, the Internet began to receive attention in the popular press, when the first documented computer virus was released at Cornell University. 1991 marked the beginning of the transition of the Internet as we know it today, with the National Science Foundation’s reinterpretation of its Acceptable Use Policy to allow for commercial traffic across its network, the…show more content…
Surratt in 2001 notes that some use the internet as a lawless zone to tout online hate, shielded by claims of free speech, others who have failed to grasp the technology form a sort of lower class of “have-nots”. The Internet is frequently considered as the great meeting ground for people of different cultures. Whether these interactions are considered synergistic or simply collisions is very dependent on who the parties are, what context they meet in, and the overall social context, both online and offline that exists at the time of their interactions. One anecdote of praise from Valvovic is that the “core values of humanity seem to get hammered out at ground level rather than in the stratospheric soarings of detached thinkers.” Indeed, the Internet serves as a central hub of dialogue among all class levels, but Valvovic points out that there is a very real danger in old and new value systems will fail to meet within cyberspace, instead “quietly exchang[ing] places in the chaos of a transitional society ‘distracted from distraction,’ in the words of T.S. Eliot. As the internet becomes an increasing more accessible academic tool, it also is becoming more and more polluted with inaccurate information. Common criticism of the information on

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