History of the Newspaper

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History of the Newspaper

The first acknowledged newspaper came into existence in 1665 and was called the 'Oxford Gazette'. During the development stages, newspapers were split into two separate camps. Firstly there are the tabloids. The tabloids have a long and interesting history behind them. Lord Northcliffe; then owner of the Daily Mirror, launched the Daily Mirror in November 1903 and were aimed specifically for the female audience. In 1904 it was re-launched at The Daily Illustrated Mirror as a 'picture paper' for men and women. It used mostly photos and climbed to a circulation of over a million in 1914. When asked 'what's the secret of your success', Lord Northcliffe said 'I give my readers
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The Mirror developed a close link to readers through ordinary working class journalist and stories. In the 1950s Marjorie Proops became the first Agony Aunt column. Through the 50's and 60's the Mirror focused on great social and political issues. They invented the SHOCK issue, intending to shock, explain, illicit debates and give solutions to social problems and particularly the fear of blacks and immigrants during the Windrush years; there were a shortage of workers and so they turned to colonies for extra workers. In 1981 the Sun and Mirror were losing readers to the star due to its bingo competition. Larry Lamb; the editor of the Sun, was sacked by Rupert Murdoch; chairman of the Sun newspapers owners news international group. He was replaced by Kelvin Mackenzie who ran bingo competition and slashed the price to beat off the competition. Following these measures the Sun's circulation rose by sum 500,000 over 3months time period and the Daily Star never recovered to its previous level.

Throughout the 1980's, Mackenzie attacked political targets such as labor councilors, unions and Minors strike (1984-85), using the red commie scare tactics during the Cold War. He targeted those at the margins of society; from criminals to social
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