History of the Old Testament of the Bible Essay

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Studying the Old Testament is not as straightforward as some may think. Being able to recall stories of the Bible does not necessarily mean you have a thorough grasp on the history of Israel and the surrounding nations. Some people read and discuss the Bible without a solid understanding of the history and social issues that were going on at the time. Being able to relate to the stories in the Bible and struggle with some of the same problems faced by the people in the Bible gives you a greater appreciation for the works in the Bible. I feel that having a firm understanding of all the related history of Israel gives a student of the Old Testament a far greater understanding of why these stories are in the Bible and what was meant to…show more content…
yet they are writing about the construction of a Temple almost 350 years earlier to their contemporary. This is because during the time of the Deuteronomic writer Babylon had destroyed the Temple and Israel is in a state of rebuilding itself.

"Because the deuteronomistic historians wanted to emphasize their own theological teachings, they selected from the royal annals only what served their purpose, and added interpretive passages." Anderson p.213

This is concept that we should become familiar with and understand. Hardly anything in the Bible is written down as it happened (In relation to time, not saying the bible is inaccurate in its accounts of events). Stories and passages from the Bible are historical stories or events that are written down and applied to the current state of the nation. A rather cleaver example of this phenomena (at least I believe it to be cleaver) is take for example our Buffalo Bills win a football game. If you talk to a fan of the losing team and pursue them
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