History of the Personal Computer

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History of the Personal Computer
1. Introduction and thesis statement The modern day society is the result of countless processes of change and evolution, among the more notable of them being the evolution of Information Technology. Today, technology impacts all aspects of the life of humanity, from the trivial chores, to the complex and intricate endeavors. But this state of affairs could not have been possible had it not been for the creation and strong development of the Personal Computer.
2. Events that led to the advancement During the 1970s decade, the United States were undergoing a rather challenging period of economic downturn, preceded by two decades of economic growth. From a technological standpoint, computers were scarce and inefficient, while competition in the industry was virtually inexistent. The market was dominated by IBM, but Microsoft would soon be launched (Ceruzzi, 2010).
The scope of Bill Gates was that of bringing computers into each and every American household, and the computers would run his operating system, which would be more easily accessible to the users. During those days, the computers were intricate and difficult to use. They would be extremely large and the population would have a decreased access to them. Additionally, they required technical knowledge and specialized background to operate. Still, numerous pioneers emerged to help create more easily useable computers and applications (Trachtman, 1995).

3. Effects of
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