History of the Shanghai International Settlement

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Shanghai International Settlement Shanghai can be described as the principal port of China and because of its position close to the capital of Peking, made it to be strategically the most significant city in China. Shanghai tend to be among the largest and most vibrant metropolises, containing a population of more than 20 million people and has undergone dramatic changes that often travelers to the city tend to be severally disoriented with the nature of disappearance of old landmarks as well as the springing up of fresh skyscrapers in an overnight competing against one another for the world's record of avant-gardism, height, environmental sophistication. Even though sizeable areas of old Shanghai has become not easily retrievable as they are lost in the process, a lot has been done in preserving major vestiges of the past. Among the historical district, "Bund" forms the district with architectural stamp of the foreign nations that happened to be granted concessions and extraterritorial settlements through Nanjing Treaty that led to opening of several ports particularly the one of Shanghai to international trade. Shanghai International Settlement was first originally established as a purely British settlement. It is among the original five treaty ports established by then under the terms of the Treaty of Nanking during the end of the first opium war in 1842. Involvement of American as well as French followed, and their settlement were majorly drawn out to the north and
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