History of the Spread of Buddhism

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The Spread of Buddhism While the Western World is largely familiar with elements surrounding the spread of Christianity, these people are inclined to ignore that Buddhism came to experience a similar progression in the East. Beginning approximately five centuries before Christianity, Buddhism emerged as an ideology contrasting harsher Hindu laws and made it possible for people to understand that it was actually necessary for them to follow a Middle Path in order to achieve Enlightenment. In spite of the fact that the religion spread rapidly through its land of birth, it generally came to receive lesser appreciation in India while more and more countries to the East began to express interest in the concepts that it put across. In order to be able to properly understand how Buddhism spread one would first have to understand the ideas present in this religion and its foundation. One of the first things about it is that "Buddhism is an abstraction, as is any religion" (Heirman and Bumbacher, 1). People started to elaborate in regard to the personality of the initial Buddha and the ones following him in accordance with Buddhist concepts. So as for one to be able to thoroughly comprehend how Buddhism spread, the respective individual would have to acknowledge that its evolution needs to be analyzed from the moment when it first appeared and until the moment when it began to have a solid basis across Asia. Indian leaders employed missionaries with the purpose of having them
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