History of the Tartars by Giovanni Carpini Essay

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Carpini’s History of the Tartars is a well organized and meticulous report on the Mongol Empire that is told from the perspective of Giovanni Carpini. As an overweight sixty year old friar, Carpini was an unlikely candidate to make the trek to the unexplored Mongol Empire, however because of his ability to mingle with the peasantry with ease, he was chosen to carry out this task. Through his determination to not only evangelize but also to spy on the Mongols, Carpini was able to write History of the Tartars with great detail and accuracy. Only because of Giovanni Carpini work, do we know as much about the Mongols as we do today.
Reading through Carpini’s observations of the Mongols, there is an overwhelming amount of information regarding the Mongol’s military might. Out of the nine chapters in his book, two are specifically about their armies prowess. These chapters go over how the Mongol’s waged war and on how to actually defeat them. In chapter six, Carpini is able to describe in great detail of the weapons that the Mongols use and the clever tactics that they deploy in battle. Carpini first discusses about the army’s ranking structure. He states that each rank is employed over ten men. The rankings are as follows in lowest to highest; decanus, centenarius, millenarius, darkness, general, and then supreme general of the entire army. Through his descriptions, Carpini is able to show us the complexity and effectiveness in the way the army is organized.
Carpini is also…