History of the U.S. Peace Corps Essay

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The Peace Corps, officially established on March 1st 1961, is a governmental agency devoted to world peace and progression. The Peace Corps was established by Senator John F. Kennedy when he inspired a group of students at the University of Michigan to work for their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing societies abroad. From that encouragement developed an agency of the federal government. The Peace Corps is organized into groups of volunteers and trainees that are placed in different developing countries according to their cause. Some of these causes include: education of children and adults, health and HIV/AIDS, environment, business, agriculture and youth. There are currently 7,733 volunteers and…show more content…
Kennedy and the original Peace Corps volunteers to help promote world peace and friendship. One important program of the Peace Corps is increasing its role in the global effort to fight and prevent HIV/AIDS by training all volunteers in Africa as educators of HIV/AIDS deterrence and education. All volunteers will be prepared to address the multiple health, social, and economic problems associated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. There are many Peace Corps programs in Botswana and Swaziland which are devoted exclusively to combating the epidemic. Programs are currently expanding into the Caribbean where there is also a large epidemic of HIV/AIDS. In May 2003, the Peace Corps devoted one thousand new volunteers to work on HIV/AIDS-related activities as part of President Bush's Global AIDS Relief Package. Another program of the Peace Corps is communications technology. The information technology volunteers supply technical guidance and support to organizations that want to make better use of information and communications technology. They introduce people to the computer as a tool to increase efficiency and communication. Volunteers teach basic computer literacy skills such as, word-processing, spreadsheets, basic accounting software, internet use, and web page development, and they introduce host communities to e-commerce, distance learning, and geographic information systems. A third program of the Peace Corps is their expansion into new and
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