History of the Ultrasonic Technology Essay

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The ultrasonic technology can be found from piezoelectric effect conducted research by Pierre Curie 1880. Pierre Curie he discover asymmetrical crystals like Rochelle salt and quartz can generate electricity charge once mechanical pressure is applied. So it is obtained mechanical vibrations from applying electrical oscillations to the crystals. The frequency of Ultrasonic wave should be higher than 20,000 Hz. (Sound waves).
After of all of the research of ultrasonic technology the first ULTRA SONIC MACHINING (USM) built 1950 s. United States develop Ultrasonic machining and was used for machining materials that need tough machine.
There two type of ultrasonic machining:-
• Ultrasonic Machine (USM)
• Rotary Ultrasonic Machine (RUM)
Component and equipment
The ultrasonic have 5 main different component and equipment
And all of this system depend in other:-
A- Power supply
B- Transducer
C-Tool holder
D- Tools
E- Abrasive
USM system
The ultrasonic machining use system that mainly compose concentrator, magnetostrictor, slurry and tool.
magnetostrictor is create small-amplitude vibrations and revitalized at the frequency of ultrasonic

Abrasive Slurry
- The most types of abrasive
• (SiC) silicon carbide germanium, ceramics glass
• diamond (for rubies)
• (Al2O3) corundum
• (B4C) boron carbide its good in general, but also expensive
• boron silicarbide (more abrasive than B4C)

- Liquid
• Oils
• Glycerol
• Benzene
• water (the most use)
- 100 to 800 is…