History of the city of Florence Essay

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History of the city of Florence

In the entire scope of history there are few civilizations that have left their own unique imprint upon the rest of the world as well as influencing future generations like the city of Florence. Only a handful of nations can claim the cultural, financial, social, and artistic accomplishments that this city can. Throughout the history of approximately three thousand years Florence has proven to be an impressively resilient civilization that takes pride in itself and has been a leader in Italy and worldwide. From the founding Etruscan people, to Dante and Boccaccio, to the Medici family the Florentine people have proven themselves to be remarkable in many areas of life. This paper will
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in order to make an example for other civilizations Sulla completely wiped out the pre-Roman Florence.[iii]? When the city was rebuilt, partly as a result of widespread civic restorations commissioned by Julius Caesar in 59 B.C., it was moved farther down the river onto the site that the Florence currently sits, and given the name of Fiorentia.[iv]? By 150 A.D., Fiorentia had religious and political centers, an amphitheater, baths, and walls to protect the city.? The next significant, recorded event was the spread of Christianity to Florence by eastern Mediterranean traders, and the condemnation of pagan religion in the beginning of 5th century A.D. Florence.[v]? During the next five hundred years of Florentine history it was similar to most other small European towns in the Middle Ages in that the population declined, public buildings were left to decay, and the economy was weakened as a result of a decline in trade.[vi]? Florence was under the Germanic peoples? rule, commonly known as the Holy Roman Empire, from 962 with the crowning of Otto to the death of the great Fredrick II in 1250.[vii]? However, despite the accomplishments of the Holy Roman Empire in other parts of the world, little was done to help Florence.

Pre-Renaissance Florence

Florentine civilization started to flourish and emerge from the uniformity of the Middle Ages around the end of the 12th century.? It was during this time that trade was revived, people living outside