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Last year the History teach taught a lesson on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, in which she outlined the entire ordeal of the slaves , starting with the preparations made in Europe and Africa, how the Africans became slaves, the march to the coast, activities at the coast, the middle passage and sale of the slaves in the West Indies. Being of West African descent the writer became intrigued and decided to do a research project, exploring the slave trade.
The writer believes that the Preparations made in Europe, Preparations made in Africa, Activities at the Coast, the Middle Passage and the sale in Caribbean were all done to ensure the European traders made maximum profits.
Having completed this project, the writer to
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Having proper insurance meant coverage against loss at sea from pirate attacks, and also storms and illness. Even if the cargo is lost, they would still get their money. Furthermore, the goods to control slaves and manufactured goods to be exchanged in Africa for slaves were also a preparation that the Europeans Traders ensured as they were offered to the African chieftains in exchange for slaves. The manufactured goods were used to trade in Africa, included brandy, irons, lace, pots, pans kettle and cloth and textile. The goods to control slaves included guns, shackles for the slaves` leg, thumb screws and chisel which was used to knock out the slaves` teeth when they refuse to eat as this would lead to starvation.
The European Traders also organized a doctor and a supply of medicine to be taken on the journey, as this would be used towards both the crew members and slaves, to cure or treat their diseases, thus leading to no sick slaves which would decrease their profits rather than increase it.
Therefore, based on the evidence provided, it is clear that the preparations in Europe such as a large ship, a hardened crew insurance and more definitely showed that it was in fact a major role in the maximization of profits for the European Traders. Preparations in Africa

In order for the European traders to achieve the goal of maximizing their profits,

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