Hit A Six With Australia 's National Identity

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Hit a six with Australia’s national identity


Since colonial times, sporting successes especially in cricket have assisted the emerging nation of Australia to establish its identity. The prevalence of cricket in Australia constitutes what Markovits and Hellerman (2001) coin a, “hegemonic sports culture”, and subsequently represents an influential part of Australian culture. However, the modernity discourse undermines the degree to which Australian identity is taking into account British Legacy.Today the Australian culture is comprised of a differing scope of encounters, nationalities and cultures, subsequently confounding the idea that Australian identity is based on British heritage. The verbose accentuation set on Australia’s
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Yet in the frame of Australian culture and identity, the site embodies Australian sporting heritage, and has facilitated in promoting the ideals represented in sport, a considerable lot of which were developed from the eighteenth Century British social and cultural values. The study of the Sydney Cricket Ground will concentrate on showing the degree to which the stadium both exemplifies and adds to Australia’s cultural heritage, and undoubtedly the wider national identity.

Key words

Modernity, Tradition, National identity, British tradition, Sport, Cricket, Sydney Cricket Ground


Modernity - Modernity revolves around the idea that society is never constant, rather, we exist in a perpetual system of regeneration. When modernity is "applied to society, it is the belief in the necessity of social progress. Belief in the ability of societies to organize their own self-improvement became crucial in the development of modernity, and also shaped the subsequent course of colonialism." (Gillen & Ghosh, 2007, page 33). English traditions, such as sport were influential in forming Australia’s initial identity. Changing worldwide and political aspects in the twentieth and twenty first centuries caused a change in Australia’s cultural identity far from the conventional. With that being said, Rashid’s model of national identity also explores modernity through the changing nature of national identity, “a continuously evolving process of negotiation,
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