Hit A Six With Australia 's National Identity

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Hit a six with Australia’s national identity


Since colonial times, sporting successes especially in cricket have assisted the emerging nation of Australia to establish its identity. The prevalence of cricket in Australia constitutes what Markovits and Hellerman (2001) coin a, “hegemonic sports culture”, and subsequently represents an influential part of Australian culture. However, the modernity discourse undermines the degree to which Australian identity is taking into account British Legacy.Today the Australian culture is comprised of a differing scope of encounters, nationalities and cultures, subsequently confounding the idea that Australian identity is based on British heritage. The verbose accentuation set on Australia’s indigenous origin, colonial past and multicultural present, consequently yield differentiating perspectives of the nation’s identity and the place of sport therein. The Sydney Cricket Ground demonstrate the courses in which traditional and modernity discourses impact one’s origination of Australian identity and the role of sport in fostering identity


Energy for playing and following sport is a focal assumption of Australian cultural qualities.As a consequence of the centrality and pervasiveness of sport in Australian culture, the Sydney Cricket Ground has risen as one of Sydney 's prevalent social and recorded historic points subsequent to its formal establishment in the mid nineteenth century.The SCG has cultivated and encouraged…
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