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Hit Every Target - Achieve Every Goal

Success begins with a well-conceived plan. “Planning, planning, planning” is my motto; without a plan there is no mission, and without a mission there is no direction. My life’s mission has evolved as I have come across various endeavors throughout my life. For instance, at the end of my college career at California State University at Long Beach, my focus was on earning a Baccalaureate Degree in Sociology. When comprehending that my schooling career was finally coming to a halt, I needed to decipher the next plan on the agenda. Once I was hired as an Eligibility Worker for the Department of Public Social Services, I revamped my focus and graduated from college to focus on my new career. Many
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Even though accomplishments may be fulfilled without a Master’s Degree, the Master’s Degree Program is an avenue to equip me with the essential tools to have my personal, professional & learning goals come to fruition. By applying to the Master’s Degree Program in Human Services, I will be investing towards long-term financial freedom. To achieve financial freedom, my goal is to financially secure $50,000.00 in savings by August 2013. Currently, I am earning an annual net income of $32,000.00 in which I am saving sixty percent of my monthly income to reach my savings goal. My expenses will account for forty percent of my net income which includes my education at Springfield College. By paying myself first through my education, I establish financial security by opening opportunities for a higher income while simultaneously flourishing as a professional. The Master’s Degree Program is a building block for my professional development that will embed leadership characteristics that I can exercise when networking. The Los Angeles Hispanic Managers Association (LACHMA) recently hosted a mixer to encourage Hispanic Professionals to fraternize and network with top Los Angeles County officials. By taking initiative and committing myself to this organization as a member, I have taken the step en route to actively participating in future events. While attending these events and
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