Hitchcock's Film Psycho Essay

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Hitchcock's Film Psycho Ever since the first horror movies were produced they have attracted huge audiences seeking to be scared, chilled and thrilled. Horror movies are so popular because the audience can get the adrenaline rush of being scared without actually putting themselves in danger, and also the audience ultimately get a rush of relief at the end of the film when the killer is killed. This is the same reason why people go on roller coasters because you get the adrenaline rush and then the relief when you get off. Also often horror movies are highly sexual films, and what's more it's a great excuse to hug your girlfriend!

Horror movies started in the
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These were produced by the British Hammer studios. Also Roger Corman, an American director made low budget gothic films of a number of the Edgar Allen Poe stories.

One of the most famous horror films not just of the 1960's but of all time, Alfred Hitchcock's ''Psycho'' broke new ground. It was like nothing ever seen before. Hitchcock is thought of as one of the most important film makers in the history of cinema. He is not regarded just as a normal director, but as an ''auteur'' (this means artist or author in French) Auteurs, unlike ordinary directors who are just technicians, impose their own vision upon the script and their films are regarded as having a consistency of style and themes. In many of Hitchcock's films, there is stylistic unity. An example of this is Hitchcock's reliance on editing. By changing the viewpoint implied by the change of shot, he can fully involve the audience in the action. An example of this is the famous shower scene in ''Psycho'' 34 shots appear on screen in just 25 seconds. Also in Hitchcock's films he use's a lot of point-of-view shots which is linked with Hitchcock's fascination with voyeurism. Two examples of this are in ''Vertigo'' where Scottie is hired to follow Madeline and in ''Psycho'' where Norman Bates spies on Marion as she
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