Hitchcock's The Lodger

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It is a warm summer day on June 10th, 1927 and you decided to take your family to the movies. The new film “The Lodger” directed by Alfred Hitchcock staring June Tripp and Ivor
Novello was just put into the theatre. As you walk into the building you notice the extravagant decor and humongous curtains that cover the screen. You are also amazed by the detail in the railings, balcony and the chandeliers that are placed in every room. As you walk into the theatre to find your seats and are given free cups and plates for a souvenir of your time spent at the movies. This is a glimpse of the spectacular experience you would have if you would attended the movies in 1927. When attending the movies in that time period it was a big deal and you expected
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“The Lodger” was a perfect example of the entertainment in the roaring 20’s . This film gave the audience the feeling of suspense and wonder but also showing the romance threw the Lodger and Daisy that slowly evolved during the film. The most dramatic scene in the movie was the ending when the audience discovered that the lodger was innocent but the people in the film did not know yet. By having this scene in the film it made the audience feel compassion for the lodger even though threw out the film they suspected him to be the…show more content…
Within this scene it gave the public an array of different shots and cuts in such a small period of time. By doing this it kept the audience on their toes feeling the urgency and tension when watching each shot on the big screen. Through out this scene we were introduced into many shots for example we got to see a low angle shot when the crowed was running after the lodger. The camera was place closer to the ground pointing in a upwards direction showing the audience that the uncontrollable crowd was the dominate factor in this shot. you also get to see this low angle shot when the lodger is caught onto the fence with the camera facing up. Once again showing the audience how the mob is superior and the lodger is shown to be weak and defenseless. This is just one of the ways the director shows the people watching how crazy and unpredictable the crowd is. The audience is also shown many two person shots with Daisy and the Lodger. These shots are showing the audience the connection and love between these two main characters.
Another way the director is presenting the love between the Lodger and Daisy is by giving
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