Hitcher, Education For Leisure, My Last Duchess, and The Lab

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Hitcher, Education For Leisure, My Last Duchess, and The Lab

"Hitcher" By Simon Armitage, "Education For Leisure" By Carol Anne
Duffy, "My Last Duchess" and "The Lab" by Robert Browning are all poems that deal with violence or the prospect of violence.

"Hitcher" is a poem about a man who is angry at being threatened with the sack, he picks up a hitch-hiker and kills him and then leaves him on the road side. The poetic voice seems to be psychotic and also talks about the attack in a casual manner.

"Ed for Leisure" also deals with a bitter person who feels he has been let down by society. As he becomes increasingly demotivated, he gets more and more violent ending with leaving the house with a bread knife. Both poets aim to
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Simple and direct language is used by Armitage to demonstrate the characters casual attitude to violence. It is also used in "Ed for Leisure" to help create the short staccato lines such as "Today I am going to kill something. Anything."
Both poems by Robert Browning are dramatic monologues, "The Lab" is a mixture of the main characters thoughts and her words to the apothecary. She seems very similar to the main characters in both "Ed for Leisure" and "Hitcher" as an insane twisted side of her character is exposed…

The lady in "The Laboratory" is plotting to murder the mistress of her lover and seems very excited about the prospect of death. In asking the apothecary, "Wot that I bid you spare her the pain;" she shows that she wants her victim to die slowly and painfully. This demonstrates a craving for violence like the characters in Armitage and Duffy's poems. As well as sharing the structure of a dramatic monologue, "The Lab" is also arranged in stanzas like the previous two poems and contains rhyme like "Hitcher". The second poem by Robert
Browning is called "My Last Duchess" like the other 3 poems it is a dramatic monologue and shares the same rhyme scheme as "The Lab". The poetic voice talks about how his wife was too flirtatious and how it was not only him that brought smiles to her face. After a while, he grew tired of not being appreciated, gave orders and her smile stopped all together.

The main
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