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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
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The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was written by Douglas Adams and published in the year 1979. It is both a science fiction novel and a comedic read. Adams wrote this novel in a time when space exploration was on every human’s mind. The Americans had recently landed on the moon and the sky had no limit. No one knew how far humans could go or what else was out there. Adams wrote this book to allow humans to see the possibilities that lie in space and give them an entertaining read that would apply to everyone. The protagonist is a human named Arthur Dent. He is saved from Earth’s demolition by his friend, Ford Prefect, and they travel across the galaxy together.
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Arthur’s first traumatic event is when he is whisked away from Earth into an alien spaceship. At first, this feels like a dream and is hard to believe for Arthur. He is in denial for quite some time (pp. 49-50) and is surprised that his longtime friend is now a whole new person, an astronaut knowledgeable of the galaxy. He is told that his home is gone. This by itself is hard to believe. The Earth is one of the largest and oldest things that is known and to see it vaporized is a frightening thought: not only having to take this in, but also the fact that he is the last human alive is quite a shocking fact to absorb while flying through space. This whole initial journey leaves Arthur confused and out of place. He is uncomfortable with millions of unanswered questions going through his mind. Readers can see this by his jumpiness throughout the scene. He often questions Ford and shouts questions in a loud, scared manner. This is also due to the fact that they are in the dark basement and Ford gives the impression that the Vogons aren’t the kindest of aliens.
The next change readers see in Arthur’s evolution is when he arrives at the Heart of Gold. This atmosphere is quite different because he is now welcome and has nothing to hide. Ford is also more comfortable with this ship which allows Arthur to be under the impression that they are safe. This is when he starts to

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