Hitek Case Study Essay

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1. Who are the Customers of Mitchell and his HR Staff?
The customer’s of Mitchell and his HR staff could be considered to be every employee of the Bank of Montreal. This would include Executives, Directors, Line Managers, and even the employees. Secondarily, he would have customers at the parent company of the Bank of Montreal, SBC. Finally, Mitchells’ staff would also be responsible directly to the end customers of the Bank of Montreal. According to Shurtleff (1998), the customer of HR is anyone that is a stake holder in the organization. However, Shurtleff (1998) further breaks down those individuals into the following four groups:
1) Customers: Are those that make a buying decision. That is to say, a individual that can decide
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I further believe that in order to get them to cooperate, it goes back to my answer in question number two. Mitchell is going to have to ensure that he has buy-in from senior management. Secondly, he is also going to have to understand the environment in which he is affecting the change (Jackson & Schuler, 2006, p. 167). The worst thing that Mitchell and his staff could do is make change for the sake of change. Change has to be calculated; otherwise the line managers and employees are going to be resistant to a partnership with HR. One of the most critical parts of HRs tasks in this endeavor is to ensure they gather all the information necessary to make informed, logical, and productive changes.

4. Develop a matrix with projects, dates milestones, and people involved (i.e., HR, line managers, and employees) for Mitchell and his staff.
HR Objective HR Objective HR Objective HR Objective
Gather Information Develop Agendas Implement Agendas Evaluate and Revise
Metrics Metrics Metrics Metrics
Achieve buy-in from senior management
Gather information from internal and external sources
Gather objective and strategic goals from line managers.
Gather objectives and job responsibilities from employees
Map gathered information to industry best practices. HR, with the new strategic vision in mind, will begin to formulate new agendas, policies and plans for the organization.
Focus on critical areas of improvement
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