Hitler And Joseph Stalin Comparison

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Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were both two people who went down in history as detrimental people. They have many similarities and differences on how they ran them dictatorships. They both acquired high level power during the same periods, however in different ways. Secondly they were both dictators, but they were part of two different parties. Finally, these two dictators had mass executions of people for two discrete reasons. They are comparability and incomparability between the two involving their power, dictatorships, and their so-called accomplishments.
Both Hitler and Stalin are two people that led their way up to power but they got they’re in different ways. Starting with Hitler he started to rise in the 1930s after World War 1. He served in
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These two dictators have two completely different governments. Nazism was the idea of building
German pride by taking down Jewish Menace. Nationalism was about the rise of class, widening gaps in income inequality and wealth as well. Nazism divided the economy by human society for example race, religion, and ethnic. For communism, it was about the economic hierarchy usually by class. However, both these worlds that Hitler and Stalin portrayed were very Black and White. They both had a belief system that enforced acceptable political behavior. They both revolve around a strong central government and had high military police force and limited roles of individuals by law, order, traditions, and efficiency. Nazism has today diminished and does not exist entirely anymore. As for communism, it is still around but not as powerful as it once was.
The Nazism government that Hitler portrayed had similarities and differences to the communist party that Stalin ruled.
Hitler and Stalin both had outrageous goals that were both somewhat similar and different. Some of Hitler’s goals started with the perfect Aryan race which to him was
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