Hitler And Mussolini Similarities

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While many assume that Hitler and Mussolini were more different than they were similar, the opposite is true, due to their indoctrination of children and the manner in which they gained power and took control using fear and terror, it suffices to say that they were both similar. For example, both aimed to indoctrinate children by placing them into youth groups that trained the children for military and brainwashed them. Mussolini had “ Fascist youth groups known as Young Fascists, who were used to teach Fascist ideals to the young people of the nation.”(Spielvogel Pg. 844). Also, Hitler changed the education system so that from an early age, children were forced to learn about his greatness. “ We five- and six-year-olds received an almost…show more content…
815), while Hitler used the school system to his advantage by changing the curriculum and converting teachers and starting indoctrination at the age of 6. Both leaders aimed to create a strong totalitarianism government by keeping the youth under control. They indoctrinated the children in order to create a future generation of mindless, obedient citizens. They used different methods, but the goals and outcomes were similar. Not only did Hitler and Mussolini try to control the minds of the youth they also used their already existing failing government in order to gain control along with fear/terror. Mussolini created a paramilitary group called the Black Shirts and gave the police power to arrest and imprison anyone without trial while Hitler had a private/secret police called the SS. Hitler used his position of Chancellor to expand his party and gain power. Mussolini was given the position of prime minister which allowed him to slowly gain power and in 1926, he established his fascist dictatorship. Both dictators united their people under the frustration they had against their current…show more content…
On March 23, the government passed the Enabling act, which allowed the government to dispense constitutional forms for four years. This paved the way for him to abolish freedom of the press, disband other political parties, and pass anti-Semitism laws. The nazis had the SS which started as Hitler’s personal bodyguards but eventually controlled all of the regular and secret police forces. They acted as the secret police, created concentration camps, and formed the execution squads and death camps for Jews. Their goal was to further “the Aryan master race”(Spielvogel pg. 822). Both Hitler and Mussolini used fear in order to force the cooperation of their people and to get rid of adversaries that held different views from them. Using the frustration against the government and terror, both rulers were given positions of power which allowed them to slowly amass more power and create a dictatorship. In conclusion, Hitler and Mussolini were similar in many ways due to their indoctrination of children and how they were given the position of
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