Hitler And The Book Thief

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Individuals argue for who was at fault for or evil during the wars. Some might say it’s Hitler who was evil or even that the Germans were wrong. Although Hitler ordered the actions, Hitler never went forth with his actions himself, but the Germans followed his rules blindly. Each person knew their morals and either choose to stand by them or forget them. Many of the Germans who had a part in that time choose to follow Hitler. While Hitler was leading with his words, German citizens were doing the dirty work. Both evident in The Book Thief and The Swing Kids. The Germans followed Hitler blindly not thinking about how their actions could actually harm someone. Germans were the ones who carried out Hitler's dirty work. In The Book Thief,…show more content…
Reasoning with all of the orders that were given by Hitler many of them was to harm others that were thought of to rebel against Hitler, maybe Hitler is really the one to blame. In the history of "evil", Hitler had committed one of the worst deeds instigating World War II and, The Holocaust. In The Book Thief, Hitler was an insensitive person in my eyes being cold-hearted. He had killed millions of people to further “benefit” their nation. Hitler named himself a leader but, being a leader would mean protecting the people who put their lives in his hands wanting protection. Hitler was a powerful person and he stood as a symbol of evil because of what he has cost. People thought that what Hitler proposed was right just because he had power. Even in the world, today's citizens believe that what someone in power says is the right thing to do even though they know deep down that it isn’t. In The Book Thief, Hitler had killed many innocent people who didn’t know it was coming with unexpected air raids and bombings. Hitler encouraged this hatred against others with his words and the propaganda to change the way people viewed the right things. Underneath all of his lies was the truth for what he really wanted to do, to make a superior race of Germans, eliminating any Jews that stood in his way. Hitler was against all Jews as said in a quote by Elie Wiesel, “It is obvious that the war which Hitler and his accomplices waged was a war not only against Jewish
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