Hitler And The Nazi Party

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The Holocaust is one of the most famous events in history because of how large scale the destruction was. Over a course of twelve years, Hitler and the Nazi party developed a comprehensive solution to the Jewish problem. Through a series of three solutions, Hitler and his party sought to eliminate European Jewry. Through a series of calculated actions over a decade, Hitler used political, situational, and physical violence to break down the European Jewry. In order for Hitler to win his war against the Jews, he had to break down the autonomy of the group into docile individuals where no collective could fight back. Many people who do not understand the history of the Holocaust often ask why did nobody fight back? Why was there no resistance to what was happening? Though it is absent from mainstream textbooks, the European Jewry did put up a resistance to Hitler’s war. European Jews fought back against Hitler and the Nazi party in ways that corresponded to each phase of Hitler’s Solution to the Jews. Throughout these three phases, European Jewry responded to the conditions created by the Nazi party through individual responses, organizational responses, and armed responses. Each response exhibited by European Jews is completely dependent on the social atmosphere and legal practices of the specific situation. During the Limited Solution from 1933-1939, the Nazi party attacked the European Jewry through a series of political actions. With the implementation of the Nuremburg

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