Hitler Essay

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History a) Neville Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister during the 1930’s and was known as an “appeaser” in regards to Hitler’s foreign policy. In September 1938, during the Czechoslovakian crisis, the appeasers appeased to Hitler’s taking of the Sudetenland due to the threat of war. On October first 1938 in the Daily Herald Newspaper, the headline stated that Mr. Chamberlain declared that “It is peace for our time”. Some people say that the appeasers, such as Neville Chamberlain, were the indirect cause of World War two. b) The main point that Mein Kampf reveals about Hitler’s foreign policy in the 1920’s is Hitler’s plan to expand in territories in the east. “It will be the duty of the foreign policy to provide large spaces for…show more content…
His motive was to put blame on “Britain and France” for helping Hitler achieve his aims. In his opinion “they wanted to direct German aggression eastward toward the U.S.S.R”. The fact is that they did “…reject the idea of a united front proposed by the USSR” leaving them to face alone the pact of steel between the two fascist countries. His bias against the Munich agreement is clear in his selection of language, “…total defeat” and “awful milestone”, and the omission of the possible benefits of appeasement. This source is not reliable for Hitler’s intentions but for his opinion on the intentions on Britain and France. Churchill (source 7) offers opinions only about the Nazis; at least Kukushkin mentions Hitler by name, though not his intentions in 1938. So we must choose Hitler’s own declaration at Munich (source 4 as being the most reliable for what he wanted people to believe were his intentions. e) There is evidence in some sources that Hitler was planning military action in Europe, not all over the world. According to Hitler’s Mein Kampf (source one) “when we speak of territory… Russia and the border states subject to her” we need it “for the nourishment and settlement of a growing population” and “all our strength is needed to raise up our nation”. The soviet Historian Kukushkin states, that Hitler’s wanted to “direct German aggression eastward toward the USSR”. According to an isolated British politician, Winston Churchill stated that “you will find a
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