Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini Ruled through Fear and Execution

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Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini gained power by climbing their way up the political ladder and gave people false hope. Hitler and Stalin however, turned their economies around and won over the middle and lower classes. They all ruled through fear and execution. Hitler rose to power through the Nazi party. He won over the the support of the middle and lower class in Germany. This caused the Nazi party to become larger and more powerful. Due to the Great Depression, unemployment rates skyrocketed and Hitler preyed on their weakness. He gave the people hope by making economic promises, which he went on to fulfill. Conflict between the Communists and Social Democrats led to weakness in their party which made Hitler gain more power. He was appointed Chancellor of Hindenburg. Once he gained more and more power he couldn’t be stopped. Hitler worked to abolish freedom of speech and assembly after convincing the president these were emergency acts that needed to be carried out. Hitler gained even more power by having the communist party outlawed and all of its members arrested. The Reichstag was enacted which gave Hitler four years of dictatorial power. The only legal political party in Germany became the Nazi party; every aspect of life was under Nazi control. Hitler did pull Germany out of the Depression. Businesses grew and and unemployment dropped. Most of the growth came from run businesses. Hitler believed that Germans were the supreme race. All Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Jehovah's

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