Hitler, The Jew And His Brood

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Furthermore, his beliefs were carried on into public propaganda; basically, his ideas were just reproduced and distributed out to the community. Many newspapers were consumed with the Nazi ideology and wrote about their antagonistic view of Jews in order to persuade people to become anti-semites. Martin Froehling wrote an article in the anti-semitic newspaper, Der Stürmer noting, “Hate the Jew and his brood!... Let us not forget what the Jew has done to humanity for thousands of years! Let us not forget that the Jew needs to pay for all the misdeeds he has committed against humanity during thousands of years! In this instance, the writer categorized every Jew as one singular person. Although it does not logically make sense to attribute the actions of one person onto a group of people. He condemned “the Jew” and portrayed the German people as the victim. This form of propaganda was effective because it acted as a call of action for the German people to express extreme hate for Jews.
Moreover, Hitler used ethos to establish himself as a speaker, this gave his speeches power because it convinced the audience that he had prominence and was intelligent enough to lead people towards success. For one thing, he depicted himself as some type of savior who was there to rescue Germany. In a speech delivered to the German Reichtag in 1937 he said, “When I took over power there were more than 6,000,000 unemployed and the farmers seemed doomed to decay. Today you-must admit that I have

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