Hitler: The Role Of The Bavarian Government In Nazi Germany

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Hitler was thirty-four years old at the beginning of 1924, a veteran of World War I, who had only recently found his niche in life: first as a propagandist and speechmaker for the fledging Nazi (NSDAP) party, and then gradually emerging as its leading force. On November 8th, Hitler, along with General Ludendorff and other party members attempted to seize control of the Bavarian regional government in Munich. The Beer Hall Putsch, as it is known, began in the Bürgerbräukeller: a public meeting and drinking hall, commonly used for political rallies and speeches. On the night in question Commissioner Kahr of the Bavarian government was due to speak to a crowd of 3000. Instead, Hitler stormed the meeting, fired a shot into the ceiling and, as his
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