Hitler Was The Master Of Nazi Germany

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Adolf Hitler or the Fuhrer was the master of Nazi Germany, although he was a successful leader he needed the help of several people including Himmler and Goebbels. They were even important because they we’re Hitler’s Henchmen. They came up with the best solution to make German citizens believe that Germans were the best people in the world. Himmler was the leader of terror, Himmler was born in the 1900’s and in 1918 joined the army. He joined the Nazi party in 1923 and then in 1929 he was appointed leader of the SS. In 1936 he become Head of all police agencies in Germany. Goebbels was the leader of Propaganda, he was born in 1897 and joined the Nazi party in 1922. Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda within the party and elected to the Reichstag in 1930.
In 1919, Hitler joined the German Workers’ Party which later became The Nazi Party. Hitler became successful throughout his career, Hitler did not want any opposition within Germany. In order to achieve this, the Nazis used a mixture of Propaganda, censorship and terror. Many Germans did not have to be terrorised into supporting Hitler. They went along with the Nazi Party’s policies because they believed that Germany was benefiting from the way the country was being governed.
Goebbels became a member of the Nazi party, He too was the head of Propaganda and was a brilliant speaker, with a resonant voice, and had a particular talent for presenting Nazi policies in the media, especially on radio. The Nazis made propaganda

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