Hitler : What Do You Know About Adolf Hitler

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What do you know about Adolf Hitler? It is well known that Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party, the fascist dictator of Germany and that he was the cause of the Holocaust because of his hatred of Jews but what about this? What about his leadership over the German people, the significance of his leadership, and how he helped out Germany as a whole after the effects of World War 1 and the Treaty of Versailles? Adolf Hitler’s leadership was significant as he helped the Germans regain their nationality. He also had a hand in restoring the German economy that was crippled by the Weimar Republic and the Treaty of Versailles. How much of this did you really know? Did you know about the Treaty of Versailles before this or maybe that the German economy was utterly crippled after the first world war and the treaty aforementioned?
First of all, Hitler had a plan as to how he was going to restore the German economy but it was not to be done by his own hands but by another’s since he did not have enough experience in the field of economics. Hitler had hired two politicians/economists to work on restoring the economy and create new jobs for the German people because the Great Depression left many unemployed. One of those hired people was named Hjalmar Schacht, he was known for creating the Rentenmark, a new type of German currency that was subsequently created since the old Marks practically had no value due to hyperinflation which was solved due to his economic policies. He was most
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