Hitler and the Third Reich Essay

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During the Holocaust six million Jews died at the hands of a despicable man; Adolf Hitler. While many perished in the extermination camps, malnutrition, disease, execution and medical experimentation were other methods of the Jews annihilation. In 1933, before WW II there were approximately nine million Jews living in Germany. By the end of WW II six million Jews had died. In this paper the researcher will attempt to give accurate accounts as to how Adolf Hitler came to power, why he killed innocent people, and where the carnage began. The researcher will attempt to accurately show when the Holocaust began and who was affected by one man and his follower’s beliefs of their superiority over others.
The Jewish people have always been
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Hitler referred to this as the cleansing of Germany (Bentley, et al., 2008). Under Hitler’s rule most of the Jews, Romani (Gypsies), Poles, Slavs, homosexuals, communists, socialists, and the mentally and physically handicapped people whom were holding back the advancement of the Aryan Nation were executed. Their belongings were pilfered and illegally seized by the Nazi regime. This plundering of the Jews belongings was called "Aryanization" (Rosen, Phillip, 1997). It proved to be a daunting task in determining who was a Jew for the Germans at beginning of the Holocaust. One was considered a Jew if you had three or four Jewish grandparents, even if you weren't a part of the Jewish community. You were known as a Mishling or half-breed if you had one Jewish grandparent. You were considered a half-Jew if you were part of the Jewish community or married to a Jew. All of these people were known collectively as "non-Aryans when the Nuremberg Race Law of 1935 came into effect. This time period marked when the Reich citizenship law placed the Jews into three categories (). People often wonder why no efforts were made to put a stop to the elimination of the Jewish people; sadly most people did not know what happened in Germany and the rest of Europe until after the war had ended. If they did know about it they chose not to believe that it existed. Aryan's knew that if they tried to help the Jews or made any efforts to stop
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