Hitler as a Totalitarian Dictator Essay

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Hitler as a Totalitarian Dictator Before I begin to answer the question, "to what extent was Hitler a totalitarian dictator", I must first expand on the meanings of these two widely used political terms. In the "Reader's Digest Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary", the definition of totalitarian dictator is as follows: "Totalitarian (adjective). Of, pertaining to, régime which permits no rival loyalties or parties and arrogates to itself all rights including those normally belonging to individuals." In short, totalitarian means a political system that has complete control over all aspects of people's lives. The very same tome that I previously quoted from contains this definition of dictator: "Dictator…show more content…
This allowed a single person, in this case Hitler, the chancellor, complete control over a country in crisis. These measures may seem quite harsh but the idea of the Enabling Act is quite a common one, having been used in Germany for five years and being used at the same time in the USA. The Enabling act allowed Hitler to pass laws without them having to go through parliament, thus decreasing the time taken to actually do something. One of the first things Hitler did was to ban all other political parties. This eliminated all political opposition and allowed him to have complete control by removing any objectors to the Nazi régime. When Hitler banned all the political parties, the first party to be banned was the communist KPD. The socialist SPD party was then banned, and a 'Law Against the Formation of Parties' was passed, removing the threat of any new upstarts threatening the Nazis. The leaders of socialist and communist parties were put in concentration camps, as well as half of the members of the parties. This allowed Hitler to have complete control by showing the people of Germany what he was made of and preventing any opposition. On the weekend of the twenty-ninth to the thirtieth of June 1933, Hitler and the SS broke into a hotel in Bad Wiessee where Ernst Röhm and other senior members of the SA were staying and arrested them on account of treason - plotting to
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