Hitler 's A Study Of Tyranny

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Hitler a Study in Tyranny
There have been countless atrocities committed throughout history. Most of these atrocities are justified and developed from ideas and false realities. The most infamous atrocity of all history, the holocaust is no exception. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany from 1933 until his suicide at the end of WWII, was directly responsible for the deaths of over 12 million people. Alan Bullock in his book Hitler a Study in Tyranny dispels any notion that any of Hitler’s ideas were original. Bullock proposes that Hitler and his rise to power was a product of other political ideas and a knack for exploiting the timing of events to extend his influence. According to Bullock Hitler’s coming to power was the product the political ideals of the late 19th and early 20th centuries which he was exposed to, the world post-WWI, and a knack for exposition events to his favor. He used his gifts of using propaganda and his organizational skills to use politics as a means to achieving power.
Book Review
Bullocks’ biography instead of concentrating on only the most notable events in Hitler’s life focuses also on the events which shaped Hitler’s ideas and made him into the man he eventually became. Adolf Hitler was born and in the neighborhood of Linz, a town in northern Austria. As an adolescent he was a below average student and showed signs of laziness and an inability to function as a productive member of society. He spent two years idle in Linz, where he pondered an
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