Hitler 's Effect On The German People And Nazi Rule

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Nazi Germany Essay INTRODUCTION- discuss the question and what you are going to talk about in your essay
From 1933-1938 life in Germany was worse for people because of the way that Hitler abused the power he had been given. Not only did he abuse the power but the people of Germany themselves. At the same time, there were also some positives in the way that Hitler ran things. He completely abolished unemployment rates, and gave the German people a sense of pride again. The key aspects of Adolf Hitler’s rule on Germany when he came into power were the separation of certain people such as communists, Jews and disable or handicapped people from the “pure” Germans. Hitler’s rule had several effects in the German people and their country. Hitler was very aware of things and therefore he knew what the people wanted and the things he needed to promise to them in order to be selected for the position of chancellor. This caused both positive and negative effects on the German people and Hitler’s Nazi rule. The Weimar Republic know as the ‘makeshift democracy’ was set up as an emergency solution to assist with the diminishing of the post-war effects on the Germany society and population. The Government was unstable due to it having to face the harshest social, economic and political issues of Germany. The reason why the Weimar Republic was out ruled was because they gave too much power to the states and the army.

PARAGRAPH 1- conditions in Germany when Hitler came to power including
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